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Meet the Window Installers for Connecticut

You can trust our window installers at Nu-Face Home Improvements for when you need new windows at your Connecticut home. We will help you install your windows the right way the first time around while also coming in under budget.

Our team will focus on your satisfaction. We will provide you with carefully crafted windows that fit your home no matter what type of window you need or what your budget might be.

Our window installers can come to your Connecticut home and give you the help you need for your window installation demands. We at Nu-Face Home Improvements can provide you with a quote for services after we complete a full no-obligation consultation at your home. A window replacement expert can help you find a choice that fits well.

Why Choose Professional Window Installation?

Windows can not only make your home look attractive but also improve upon how well your home can block out undesired weather issues. There are many positives that should be seen when hiring a window installer for your needs:

  • New windows will increase your home’s value.
  • Today’s window designs are more durable than ever.
  • Modern windows can block out outside air with ease, thus reducing your utility bills.
  • Each window we offer is crafted with detail and care.

How We Install New Windows

Our window installers will use these steps for getting new windows ready:

  1. The old window is removed and recycled.
  2. The opening for your new window is adjusted for the best fit possible.
  3. Flashing goes on the ends to prevent water from seeping in.
  4. A sealant goes on the frame to keep outside air from entering the home.
  5. The window is slotted into the opening.
  6. The level is tested to see that the window fits well.
  7. Framing nails will then secure the window. A sealant will go over each nail.
  8. The window is tested to see that it fits well.

This process to install windows can important for when you’re aiming to get the best window replacement possible. Our installers will give you the help you deserve every time.

What Are the Top Window Brands?

We at Nu-Face Home Improvements offer replacement windows from brands like Andersen Windows and many others. Our window installers have taken care of all types of replacement windows from these brands and more. These include windows for every budget.

Connecticut Area Window Installers

Your Connecticut deserves only the best windows. Our team at Nu-Face Home Improvements will help you find the windows you need for your next big task.

Talk with us online or by phone today to see what our replacement window experts can do for you.


We have 30+ years of home remodeling expertise under our belts here at Nu-Face Home Improvements, and we’re happy to use that experience to serve CT & MA homeowners!


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