Home improvement: Young woman painting wall with paint roller

Owning a home is an investment and for many, maintaining that investment is important, especially if you’re looking to resell your home someday. When it comes to projects, you want to choose ones that provide the most return for your investment. But, what are the best home improvements to make?

Kitchen Remodels
Kitchen remodels are one of the top improvement projects that may provide a lasting return. If painting is part of your project, go for timeless colors. While you may love a bright yellow, a potential homebuyer may not. Neutrals are a safe bet because they have the widest appeal.

Bathroom Projects
The bathroom is another area where a remodel can provide a great return. Putting money into the bathroom adds value, since they’re expensive projects a potential homeowner may not want to undertake right away.

Siding your home is among one of the best home improvements if you’re looking for a return. Siding is inexpensive and provides a beautiful, durable, low-maintenance benefit that lasts for years.

Front Door
Believe it or not, a project as simple as replacing your front door is worth considering if you’re looking to yield a good return. Doors are a low-cost investment and provide curb appeal. They’re a focal point and one of the first things that a potential homebuyer notices.

Landscaping around your home is easy and gives your home instant curb appeal. You don’t have to do anything complicated; adding tasteful shrubs around your home, mulching and installing nice outdoor lighting will give your home a good return.

Bringing it Together
Your home is a long-term investment that, if properly maintained, will provide a nice profit when you decide to sell. When deciding which improvements give you the best ROI, these projects may help you maintain your home’s value.

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