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Connecticut Cabinet Refinishing

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Connecticut Cabinet Refinishing

What our cabinet refinishing consists of is removing your existing doors and drawers and taking them back to our paint shop.  We lightly sand all surfaces to prepare them for paint.  We then professionally spray all the doors and drawers with a lacquer rich paint and then bake them for a superior finish.  We then come out to the home and paint the frames of the cabinets to match, then re-install the doors and drawer with new hinges and hardware totally transforming the look of your cabinets. 

Our team at Nu-Face Home Improvements provides custom cabinet installations, as well as cabinet refinishing for kitchens, bathrooms and more.

Custom cabinets, while a higher cost upfront, provide homeowners with a huge return on their investment over time. The ability to create a custom cabinet set up that complements your design and cooking style make for a much more functional kitchen. At Nu-Face Home Improvements we work closely with top name cabinet manufactures to ensure that your custom cabinets are made to your specifications from size, color, style and more.

Cabinet Refinishing & Refacing
Nu-Face Home Improvement, LLC in Southington uses high quality, wood materials for cabinet refacing as well as the more common Thermofoil option. Your newly refaced surfaces will make all of your kitchen cabinets look new without anyone even knowing and at a much lower price than new cabinet installations.

How Cabinet Refinishing and Refacing Works
Our team at Nu-Face Home Improvements takes the time to custom reface existing cabinets with either wood door replacements or Thermofoil. This allows us to ensure that your cabinets remain uniform and pair nicely with your existing kitchen decor.

Refinishing Vs. Replacing
At Nu-Face Home Improvements, we know just how pricey a kitchen remodel can be. If you’re looking for a small update that will leave a big impact, upgrading your cabinets is definitely the way to go. However, new cabinets are pretty costly, which is why many homeowners opt for cabinet refinishing. At less than half the cost of replacement, refinishing is quicker, easier and can give you the updated long lasting results you’re looking for.

How To Tell If Your Cabinets Can Be Refinishing
Cabinets that are structurally sound, i.e. aren’t cracked, broken, warped, or have water damage are good candidates for refinishing. As long as your cabinets are in good shape we can provide the refinishing services you need to modernize your kitchen!

Our Premium Cabinet Services include:
• Custom painted or stained, wood-material cabinet refacing
• New, custom cabinet installations
• Tear-down and removal of old cabinets or removal of doors, hardware, and pulls
• Measurements for new cabinets
• Installing the newly made cabinets, hinges, and pulls or refacing the existing cabinets.
• Final inspection
• Complete cleanup and removal of old materials

The Benefits of Nu-Face Cabinets
• Cost Savings
• Save 75% off of the cost of comparable new cabinets.
• Time Savings
• Average Nu-Face installations can be done in as little as 3-5 days.
• Countertop Savings
• Our Nu-Face Cabinet Systems can be installed without disturbing your existing countertop.
• Environmental Savings
• Our cabinet refacing services are environmentally friendly! Since we are reusing your cabinet frames, less waste goes to the landfill!




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